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Welcome to the BMH Linguistics Page

Centre for Biomedical and Health Linguistics

Writing a biomedical research paper
The Centre for Biomedical and Health Linguistics is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating communications in biomedical and health education, research, clinical care, policy-making and policy implementation. The centre aims to specifically build iterative linkages between linguists and those within the biomedical and health disciplines by providing web-based resources serving both academic linguists and those who actually work in the language(s) of biomedicine and health: students, teachers, researchers, publishers and policy makers. Our web site will also provide a forum for exchange among stakeholders of the different disciplines.

 Our team is currently involved in the development of corpora of targeted domains in biomedicine and health. In linguistics, a corpus (plural, corpora) is a body of language selected and ordered according to specific linguistic criteria in order to be used as a representative sample of the target language. To date, we have published analyses of corpora of nursing, public health, midwifery and chiropractic. Other corpora currently under development or in the course of analysis include acupuncture, osteopathy, the neurosciences, RCTs and a corpus of meta-analyses and systematic reviews.  If you are interested in the development and analysis of a corpus specific to your domain or discipline, please contact us for assistance.

We are also developing web-based tools permitting interested stakeholders to search our corpora or manipulate and analyze the corpora for their own research purposes without having to acquire any specialized software of their own. For a demonstration, you may access our on-line concordancer.

The centre is also responsible for the development and administration of the Test of English for bioMedical Purposes (TEbMP). Please check the accompanying pages for information on TEbMP.